As we age and view the volume of furniture, personal belongings and various collections, many seniors have a feeling of “what do I do with this stuff?” To provide guidance in the dilemma, the Center for Lifelong Learning, in conjunction with Synergy Homecare, will present a program entitled “De Cluttering” Monday, October 21 at 2:00 PM in the Maryland room in Clubhouse 1. The program is free but residents should register to assure adequate seating. 

The presenters for the program are Cindy Szparaga.  and Alexandra Fry , founders of Orchestrated Moves LLC. Do you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of stuff around you? Not sure how it happened? It's a fact of life that we ooze into whatever space we have and after a period of time we don't even see what others see when we welcome them into our space!  Cindy and Alexandra will work together to brainstorm palatable solutions that won't leave you feeling steamrolled. Come for a conversation about tricks of the trade, organizing your home without spending a fortune!

Cindy and Alexandra founded Orchestrated Moves LLC born from an organic desire to assist and share the experiences they had in the course of multi-national moves with the State Dept., as well as helping with emotionally-fraught downsizing. They have, over the course of the past decade and a half in this industry, developed a powerful stable of resources and systems that the OM Team can call upon in a moment’s notice. There is no request too small nor wrinkle too large thrown and space planning for 25 years and single-handedly extracted her aging parents from their large family home to retire in a Senior Living community.   

Register with E&R and attend this program to get sound advice on what to do with all the possessions you are now confronting.