Great Decisions-Foreign Policy –Living In Chaotic Times.

 Instructor: David Frager

This year’s program emphasizes the disruptions occurring in foreign policy throughout the world, caused by and impacting on allies and competitors alike.  The daily news can only add impetus to residents of Leisure World wanting to discuss what is happening and where are we going. To give substance to the discussions, participant fees include a text developed by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA).  

The class will analyze and discuss the state of relationships and the impact on Americans.  Each class treats a different but interrelated topic, utilizing timely and very vivid videos provided by the FPA. David presents original material in addition to that provided in the text, and guides conversations that gives every participant an opportunity to express and defend their personal analysis and opinions.  The class will address challenges arising from the policies being implemented by the Trump Administration.

The media including newspapers provides the class with the background for discussions.  Topics include nationalism, immigration, changes in the role of the United States as a superpower in competition with China and Russia, and the impact of international trade and tariffs on the welfare of Americans.  The class will investigate the ability of Americans to compete in a world where cyber warfare and nuclear weapons threaten our way of life and the safety of our families.