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            It is not unusual in Leisure world to meet friends and find out that they are having problems with their knees. To provide information that will help seniors cope with such problems, the center for lifelong Learning is sponsoring a presentation by Renee Moten, owner of Functional Fitness, Thursday, October 24 at 2:00 PM. While the program is free, residents should register with ER&R to attend.

            Renee will discuss and demonstrate a precise step-by-step program that works to reduce knee pain by correcting muscular imbalance, reducing inflammation and re-establishing range of motion within the ankles and feet. 90 percent of chronic knee pain is due to patella tracking problems and stiffness in the ankles.  Her program uses certain exercises to realign the patella, reduce stiffness in the ankle joint and then stabilize and strengthen the stabilizing muscles around the knee.

            Specialize stretches are taught in the class to bring about the benefits listed below. The Leisure World Residence will get to use a yoga strap while sitting down and learn how they can reduce the pain in their knees by following my step by step program.

·                  Among the benefits of the program are  getting off the commode becomes less of a challenge, pain reduction in the knee, less fluid on the knee, stair climbing becomes easier and Standing up and sitting down with less pain.

·                 Renee worked in the printing and mailing industry for 25 years as a manager/supervisor. She started the personal training business in 1998. She has completed over 21,000 hours of one-on-one fitness training with baby boomers. She always wanted to learn more about the world of health and wellness, resulting in attending over 100 classes, workshop conferences and seminars seeking to stay on the cutting edge of the world of fitness.  She has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 21 years , as well as  Massage Therapist and Myosketetal Therapist

             If you are concerned about your knees, attend this session to learn more about what you can do to help yourself.