Howard Sribnick

Reading the news or watching television, there has been much talk in recent days about the possible impeachment of the President of the United States. Just what is involved and what is provided for in the Constitution of the country will be the subject of the Center for Lifelong Learning presentation by Howard Sribnick entitled “Impeachment” on Thursday, October 31st at 2:00 PM in the Maryland Room in Clubhouse 1. The program is free, but residents are requested to register with E&R office to assure adequate seating.

The presentation will review the provisions in the Constitution that set forth the procedures for impeaching and removing a sitting president as well as the requisite legal basis for such actions.  Among the issues that will be discussed are the Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution, the 25th Amendment, the law limiting political contributions by foreign nationals, and the historical interpretation of the terms “Treason, Bribery and High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Howard will also review how these provisions have been applied to past Presidents and the role that partisan politics has played in the decision to initiate impeachment proceedings.  

The class will conclude with a discussion of the Constitution’s provisions regarding impeachment as they might relate to the current President. Included in that discussion will be the likelihood of the House of Representatives voting to impeach and the Senate voting to remove.  He will also discuss the impact of a decision to initiate impeachment proceedings on Congress being able to pass needed legislation, American foreign relations and military commitments, and the 2020 Presidential election.

Howard Scribnick comes to this subject very well prepared. After graduating from law school,  he served as a law clerk to a Federal Appellate Judge.  Thereafter he joined the law firm of Weissbrodt and Weissbrodt where he represented Native American Tribes in claims against the United States for breaches of Treaties entered into by the tribes and the federal government.  Howard left the law firm to serve in the United States Department of Justice where he worked as a Trial Attorney in the Civil Rights Division, Assistant Director in the Civil Fraud Section of the Civil Division and as Counsel to the Inspector General.  He served as the Inspector General of the Federal Trade Commission, before retiring from federal service in 2008. He has taught courses on the history of the United States Constitution and Landmark Cases of the United States Supreme Court.

If you have any questions about the circumstances and legal basis for impeachment, attend this program.