Marilyn Cooper

Marilyn Cooper is a Washington-based writer and poet, and a frequent contributor to Moment Magazine (in addition to the article mentioned previously, also see  She was raised in West Virginia and received her undergraduate degree in Greek and Latin from Wellesley College and Harvard University. She then went on to do graduate work in medieval and renaissance history at Princeton University.

Over the years, Marilyn has held varied positions.  She spent many years work NASA as a public historian where she was involved in writing a book on the effort to return Americans to the Moon.  Prior to NASA, Marilyn was a consultant for a variety of non-profits in the D.C. area.  She was a Fulbright Scholar in Venice, Italy, an Inter-university Scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Fellow at the Balkan Studies Institute in Thessaloniki, Greece. Cooper has been with Moment since 2013. To add to her range of professional activities, Marilyn is half-way through a year-long course preparing her to become a yoga instructor.