A Message from the President of CLL, Lewis Reich

            I want to welcome everyone to the annual meeting of the Center for Lifelong Learning at a pivotal time in our history.  We are standing at the threshold of a new era in planning and presenting educational programs here in Leisure World. Most important is that we need you to participate, whether it be coming forward to teach a new course, working in the administrative background or simply having ideas for new avenues to be followed in engaging more current subjects for our classes and programs.

            We appreciate the efforts of those earlier residents who saw the need for a Learning Center and took the necessary steps to make it happen. We thank those who are still here and active. By the same token we recognize the efforts of those who can no longer teach, as well as those who have departed Leisure World. We applaud the members of our faculty, committee chairs, officers and Board members.

            You, who attend our meeting, are both our present and our future. Join us in this effort to build a bigger and better Center for Lifelong Learning. We are more than the acronym CLL; we are a vibrant organization with new blood flowing through our arteries and feeding the brain cells that create the courses we hope you love to attend.