As we age, one of the facts of life requires pre-planning to avoid leaving your children with a burden. That is the need to plan ahead for the eventual passing from this life. Avoiding the need to plan ahead can result in a considerable financial burden on your heirs. To help guide the residents of Leisure World, the Center for Lifelong Learning has invited Michelle Armstead of Lincoln Heritage to present “9 Things Every Senior Needs to Know About Funeral Planning.” The program will take place Tuesday, September 10th at 2:00 PM in Clubhouse 1.  The program is free but residents are requested to register with E&R  to assure seating. 

The seminar, 9 Things Every Senior Needs to Know is an informative and thought provoking things about the funeral planning industry.  In this seminar, attendees will learn about their rights, important information to share with their families and beneficiary.   This will be an interactive seminar that will also allow time for questions and answers.    

Funeral Costs have been growing much faster than the overall Consumer Price Index. With no funeral plan to guide them, survivors can overspend by hundreds of dollars, or even thousands. Shopping for the right funeral home could be the difference between paying $2,000 and $10,000 for the same funeral.  Pre-planning which results in  burial Insurance is one of the most efficient ways  to control the cost of final expenses when the time comes.

Michelle Armstead has been in the health care and insurance sector for 20 years.  17 of those years were with Kaiser Permanente in Medicare Sales. Michelle has an infinity for advocating for seniors in the field of health care and educating the community on important insurance decisions.  Educated in the field of Elementary Education, Michelle is very passionate about sharing her knowledge.

Lincoln Heritage works with a company, called Funeral Consumer Guardian Society  (FCGS) that supports the families on the funeral planning.  The membership is free and brings loved ones the assistance they need at the time of need for a funeral.  Members get a 24-hour toll free service number to call in time of need.  They help to compare up to 3 different funeral homes to find the best price available.  The FCGS is a peace of mind for families to focus on the grieving and not all of the details.