Do you care about water quality? 

Does your Mutual have puddles remaining on the ground after rain?

 Have you seen the LW creeks flood after heavy rainfall?

 You can do something about these poor conditions!

 Please come to a presentation that will explain how each mutual can take action to lessen the environmental damage caused by excessive storm water run-off.  June 27 Chesapeake Room CH 1 2:00pm

Mike Humninghake from the University of MD School of Architecture and Planning will be making a Power Point presentation on storm water management with a focus on what HOAs can accomplish to mitigate run off and the concomitant degradation of water quality.  We are also hoping that a representative from Tree Montgomery may join him.

One of the important ways that our community can become a

more sustainable and environmentally appealing community is for each mutual to do what it can to contribute to this goal.  Mike’s work as Director of the Environmental Finance Center can explain the types of projects needed, the financial and training assistance that is available through the EFC and DEP in Montgomery County.

Please attend on June 27 at 2:00 pm in the Chesapeake Room of Clubhouse 1.  Light refreshment will be available.

This event is co-sponsored by CLL and LW  Green