Swami Chidbrahmananda was born in 1965 into a Christian family whose first-born sons have been preachers dating back to 1749 in Pine Knot, Arkansas. He continued the tradition by enrolling at Abilene Christian University as a Bible major in 1983. After two years, and before the program was completed, he moved to California to train with a mission team headed to West Berlin. He ended up with a degree in Computer Science as that was necessary for permanent entry into Germany at the time.

After five years of preparing for the mission, life took an abrupt change. In 1998 he took a long trip to India and engaged in multiple conversations with mountain sages, monastery priors, head swamis and insightful nuns. His love and dedication to the Vedanta philosophy was born, leading him to join the Ramakrishna Order of monks headquartered in Calcutta, India in 1999. He spent the next 19 years in the basement of a Vedantic monastery in San Francisco, California under the tutelage of Swami Prabuddhananda.