Basics of Digital Photography

Instructor: Fred Shapiro

Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras and manuals to the class. While the built-in software is comparable from the least expensive to the most expensive digital cameras, the terminology and location on the camera surface differ. There will be time during the class for one-on-one instruction, as well as the opportunity to show your pictures for critique by the class.

In the days when one used film in most cameras, the photographer had to use a separate light meter to measure the scene, enabling him or her to select the appropriate lens aperture and speed based on the ASA sensitivity of the film to capture the image. The set the scene and focus manually.

What many do not understand about the digital cameras of today, even the least expensive, is that the cameras now house software that enables the photographer to tailor the photographs according to the subject of the scene, action and lighting automatically. Each variation in subject is encompassed in what is called a Mode, or, in other words, a programmed category that will automatically consider the lighting, action, and depth of field that is peculiar to the subject. These are used to properly capture the image under all types if situations,

In considering the purchase of a digital camera, one should be aware of the differences, mainly expressed in the cost of the camera, and what will be needed for the photos they will be taking. Normal family and travel images do not require the more expensive cameras. They have adequate ability to cover many subjects.

However, if one is looking for sports or wildlife subjects that are taken from a far off distance, the requirements change and these must be considered in the type of camera one buys and its accessories.

Once taken, how does one handle digital photographs? How does one improve the composition, correct the exposure, or crop out unwanted areas. This will be discussed in terms of the software that is present in the basic computer, as well as in software that can be added to get more extensive means of editing and manipulating photographs.

Fred has been photographing anything and everything since he was a teenager, and has been active in the education about digital photography since its inception. He has been a member of the Rossmoor Camera Club since moving into Leisure World in 2003 and has received recognition for the quality of his photographs in competitions. Among his roles in the club has been the solicitation of framed photographs for exhibits in the LW library, the Interfaith Chapel and the Credit Union, with an emphasis of bring the average members prints to the attention of the residents of the community. 

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