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With the current concern for the changing weather patterns and its affect on the geographical features of the earth we know it, Tom Conger will be conducting a series of classes entitled “Journals of a Geographer.”  The class will commence Wednesday, November 6th at 1:00 PM and will conclude December 11th. The fee for Center for Lifelong Learning class when registering with E&R is $15.00. If interested, don’t delay since there is a limit of 40 students for the class. 

While the general opinion is that mountains, valleys and plains seem to change little, if at all when left to nature. But in fact, they do change continuously. Based on recorded history, features of the Earth’s crust are temporary forms in a long sequence of change that began when the planet originated billions of years ago and continues to this day. Geographer Tom Conger seeks to understand these changes called “physical processes” as he takes the class through his observations whenever he visits new places and records them in his journals and the photographs he takes. He will ask the class to join him with their own journals and photos from their travels and the impact their observations has had on their lives. 

In the course, Tom will set the stage by taking the class back to the time he was growing up in Miami, Florida and what made that place so special. He will then follow his path as over the years he has traveled and lived in many places in the USA and abroad where he has noted in his journals the geographical features and history he observed. He will add to his observations those of such well known personalities as Lewis and Clark, John Wesley Powell, Mark Twain, William Bartram and Henry David Thoreau.

If you enjoy learning about the world in which we live, this is a class you do not want to miss.