The Convergence of Geography and History

Instructor:  Tom Conger

Week 1, we will focus on Africa, going back 60,000 years when a group of humans emigrated north in the great rift valley, with their descendants eventually spreading across Asia, into Europe, North America and
South America. Modem Africa will be covered, including some unusual and fascinating economic activities that link human endeavors with unique geographical features.

Week 2, we will explore the State of California, and find out why and how this State has played such an important role in the geography of America.

Week 3 will focus on Weather and Climate. There are few things that are more important to the economic geography of our great land than the presence of climate change and all of its ramifications.

Week 4 will cover land-form geography and its impacts on economic activities, both in the past and current day.

Week 5, we will examine how humans have used what the earth has provided: the birth and emergence of the U.S. region called Megalopolis; farmland preservation in the United States and the area we know as
the Agricultural Core of America; cultural regions of the U.S. and how Place can affect not only the economic geography of an area but human longevity as well.