By Fred Shapiro 

Leisure World residents will have an insight into The Underlying Unity of Eastern Philosophical Thought-Vedanta by attending a class co-sponsored by the Center of Lifelong Learning and The Friends of India club. The class will be taught by Swami Chidbrahmanch starting Thursday, August 1st at 10:00 AM in Clubhouse 1 and will continue until August 29th. The fee for the class will be $15.00. Residents are requested to register early since the class will be limited to 40 students. 

The world’s oldest philosophy still practiced today speaks of an eternal religion of which all the world’s religions are a part. It puts forth the idea of this eternal religion being a gem with each facet being a unique manifestation representing a world religion.  

This lecture series will explore the underlying metaphysics of this ideal and its practical applications within the context of one’s own religion. It will discuss the multitude of tools and practices for deepening one's relationship with the Divine. The primary focus will be on principles and shared truths as opposed to dogmas and creeds. It will borrow from the scriptures of many of the world’s religions to form a cohesive idea of the underlying unity. 

The lectures will discuss: 

1. Vedantic Eden - A re-interpretation of the creation story in light of Eastern philosophy. 

2. The Goal and Its’ Attainment - A walk through the spiritual awakening experience as seen in multiple religions and Biblical reference.

 3. Principles of practice - guidelines for building a deeper, daily spiritual practice. 

4. Evolving to One - a broad look at Unity as found in various of the world’s religious traditions.