Trumpology Today: Mis-steps and Effects

by Betsy Hawkins

The objective of this 8-session course is for attendees to examine the impact of management and the resulting consequences by the new administration, covering several significant areas.  Sessions will include the following areas which have a major impact nationally and globally:

·        Healthcare: Barriers to implementing a package of plans based on those of other countries

·        Jobs lost and recoverable: the Rust Belt; downward social mobility

·        Immigration: Populism and projection; economic growth; sanctuary crisis; the ‘Art of the Deal’ vs international trade

·        Budgeting: Cabinet and ‘The Skinny Budget;’ Tax cuts and dynamic scoring

·        Middle East: Crisis, Literacy and demographics

·        Military: Cyber warfare, military aid and divestments

·        Truth in Government: Role of the press, social media, and self-confirmation; Russian manipulation in U.S. Politics; the question of collusion