Leisure World has had a continuing relationship with the students from the Jewish Day Schools and their friends, assisting residents to learn how to make use of their computers, iPhones and tablets. The students will return here again Sunday, November 17th with two sessions in the Clubhouse 2 Activities Room. The first session will start at 11:00 AM; the second will begin at noon To enable the scheduling of students and seniors during the two one hour sessions, residents are asked to sign up at the E&R office in Clubhouse II. Indicate on the sign-in sheet, the technology in which you are interested and the session for which you will be available. There is no fee for taking part in the program.

             Technology Support will take place in the Computer Center and New Activities Room in Clubhouse II.  This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Lifelong Learning and the Computer Learning Center. The high school students from Charles Smith Jewish Day School and the Berman Academy  and their friends from the local high schools will work one-on-one with seniors to cope with their smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as the computers in the center.

             The students have become a regular feature here in Leisure World, satisfying many seniors who need that extra bit of help to master their iPhones and computers. At the same time, the students earn service credits at their schools.