Instructor Cathy Richards

Maintaining brain fitness is a critical factor in the quality of life for senior citizens. To address this concern, the Center for Lifelong Learning has scheduled Cathy Richards to discuss the most important lifestyle habits that will make the biggest difference in keeping your brain in tip-top shape. What is the role of exercise, nutrition, brain games, and so much more? The program entitled “The Super-Ager’s Guide to An Amazing Brain” is scheduled for Tuesday, January 22nd at 2:00 PM in Clubhouse 1 Maryland Room. While free, residents are requested to register with E+&R office in Clubhouse 1.

Cathy offers key mindset shifts and strategies to motivate you to make important lifestyle changes right now. She will identify what really matters, what’s a myth, and what you can do to improve your memory, cognitive skills, and overall quality of life. You’ll leave the session motivated to take charge of the factors within your control to nurture and train your amazing brain!

Cathy Richards, M.A. is a lifestyle and wellness strategist and speaker who helps baby boomers and beyond maximize physical health, brain function, and energy levels for a fantastic quality of life at any age. Her unique “never too early, never too late” approach merges messages of wellness for all ages after spending fifteen years in corporate wellness for Marriott and eight years in senior wellness for Asbury, both leaders in their industries.

Cathy earned the coveted C. Everett Coop National Health Award, has a M.A. Degree in Exercise Physiology, and is a certified brain fitness facilitator. With more than 20 years’ experience as a wellness coach and strategist, she unlocks key mindset shifts and strategies for lasting motivation and lifestyle change at any age. Her passion for healthy living is contagious and she is a frequent presenter for 55+ communities and conferences, bringing a rich perspective and a lasting impression.

Cathy was here at Leisure World in August 2018 with her signature presentation “Strong Body, Sharp Brain, Endless Energy for Baby Boomers and Beyond.” She is coming back for a deeper-dive analysis on brain fitness that you won’t want to miss. You can find out more about her at