Have you ever wondered what the next phase of your life would look like?  The Center for Lifelong Learning presents Connie Inukai, who will address this question in a program scheduled for Monday, May 14 at 2:00 PM in the Baltimore Room in Clubhouse 1 She will talk about how one looks ahead after retirement to forge a new path in your senior years.  Her presentation is titled  “What Now? Discover Your Strengths.” . The program is free, but residents are requested to register with E&R.

Connie Inukai, retired from teaching Technical Writing at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University, she reinvented herself as an inventor and entrepreneur

In Connie's own words: “I had never thought of myself as an inventor, and I had no clue how to proceed,” After four decades as a university instructor, She put away her teaching materials and learned how to create a product, get a patent, manufacture the product, and market it.” In addition, Connie was the winner of the Gold Medal for Best Gadget at INPEX

Now that Connie created a new product and gone through the testing process,  she has appeared on QVC, was featured on The Today Show, and convinced Walmart to buy and sell her product. She uses her experience to provide a motivation that should get one thinking about how they too can find a new path in life.

Connie is an example that it is never too late to follow your dreams. Do you have a plan for the next phase of your life?  

Retirement doe not end the need to keep body and mind functioning. This presentation is intended to get our Leisure World seniors thinking about how they too can find an outlet for their energies and possibly enter a new career or at least engage a new pastime.

Interested in getting out of your comfort zone? Attend this program.  Then think about what you can do to keep yourself occupied and active.