The Curriculum Committee is composed [mainly]* of members of the CLL faculty.  The committee members are:

Judy Frumkin (Chairperson)

Jayanthi Sambasivan (Communications Committee Liaison)

Tom Conger

Judy Frumkin

Elizabeth Hawkins

Paul Levy

Christine Peterson 

Susan Watts

The Curriculum Committee:

·Suggests, recommends, and develops topics for CLL classes and  programs. 

·Collaborates with the CLL board on recruitment of presenters and  instructors.

·Reviews and approves proposed classes (several sessions), programs  (single session), and instructors for content, organization, and CLL  suitability.

·Assists faculty with classes and programs as needed.

·Upon approval of a class/program, the Curriculum Committee provides  the Communications. Committee with the instructor's name, the title and  a brief class/program description.

·Serves as the designated CLL liaison to E&R for class scheduling,  preparing any required forms, arranging meeting rooms, and for room  setup including AV equipment, computer, screen, and copies.

·Serves as the CLL venue to receive and respond to any suggestions,  concerns, commendations or complaints relative to classes/programs, and  instructors.     

·Reviews and assesses the quality and success of CLL classes and  programs.

·Presents a summary of its activities at monthly meetings of the CLL  Board.