Great Decisions in Foreign Policy
Instructor:  David Frager

E&R and the Center for Lifetime Learning (CLL) will be presenting the 2017 version of the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions series.

This year's discussion topics include:  (1) The Future of Europe, (2) Trade and Politics, (3) Conflict in the South China Sea, (4) Saudi Arabia in Transition, (5) U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum, (6) Latin America's Political Pendulum, (7) Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan, and (8) Nuclear Security.

The class may discuss additional emergent topics that may be timely and which the class wants to explore. Participants will share their experiences and knowledge. We will identify significant drivers of these events; for example, sovereignty, resources, ethnicity, national
interests, and personalities, and the impact of these factors on the ability of the United States to identify and influence the desired course of events.

A text prepared by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) is included in the price of the course, and will be the basis for course discussions. Each topic is discussed in depth using FPA materials and additional experiences and materials brought to the seminars by the participants.
The FPA has also prepared a DVD which introduces each session, featuring foreign policy experts from academia and the public sector.